Kahala Corp

(2000 thru Present)


Most design firms are with a client until the store opens or are simply unable to keep up with expansion. We have been the primary Project Coordinator since 2000. With approximately 4,000 stores and 14 brands, Kahala Corp is one of the largest Franchise companies in North America.

Past and Current Clients

Neptune Design Group is committed to excellence and ingenuity in design practices and services.

We provide an artistic approach to the design process thanks to the company's design staff.

With our collaboration with ND Architecture, Neptune Engineering and Neptune Equipment no project is too big or too small. We believe that good design is a direct result of the thoughtfulness that goes into planning as well as professional talent. At NDG we aim to provide both.

The firm is founded on the belief that the design process is enhanced by the partnership formed between the designer and the client.

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Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

(Nov 2009 thru Oct 2014)


We were introduced to Menchie's late 2009. We knew then that this concept was different in every way compared to other yogurt brands. The product was amazing and the leadership team was energized and had a clear vision. After several design meetings we were able to take a relatively unknown brand with only 2 locations to the largest frozen yogurt concept with 400 stores worldwide. The key to the success was the store design.

Mission Statement